Sixty 01 - Sales / Rentals

Sixty-01 does not maintain a sales or rental office.
Owners display ads on a public kiosk located a few feet north of the property's main entrance.
The main entrance is on the west side of 140th Avenue NE, between NE 62nd St. and NE 63rd Ct.
[Just south of Sixty-01 lies the Bellevue Golf Course, on the east side of 140th Ave NE.]

Sales Information

Of their own choosing, individual owners of Sixty-01 units handle sales of their unit through ordinary realtors and/or websites specializing in such. The Association makes no recommendations of preferred sales agents but owners looking to list may want to consider one of the following, each of which has shown over time to be particularly familiar with Sixty-01. Owners should consider all options before contracting with a real estate agent.

 Wayne Duke
 Washington Management


 Sherry Sahlstrom


 Jessica Gockel
 Coldwell Banker Bain


 Tammi Simpson
 Realty One Group - Preview


 Denise Monaghan OConnell
 Managing Broker CRS


 Sinead Fennell
 Sterling Johnston & Associates


Those looking for units at Sixty-01 that have been listed for sale may check current MLS listings for this area or contact a real estate agent.

Rental Information

All information on the rental of Sixty-01 units is handled by individual owners. Typically, owners work through ordinary realtors –such as WMC, a local firm– or websites specializing in rentals of private apartments, such as Craigslist. [For WMC, with offices near Sixty-01, contact Jami Landeros at]

Floor Plans

Click here to view floor plans.


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